Bronze Age Mindset: for the credulous rubes, a waste of time and money

lawrence serewicz
14 min readOct 3, 2021

The “book” is a waste of time and money. I have read it and now wish I had read something else in the time it took to read it and write about it.

Why read it?

I read it for two reasons first, people like Mike Anton had reviewed it positively as if it was worthy of serious thought for the insight it would provide to conservatives. If he had meant the MAGA faithful, then he would be right because this is their type of book and they are the author’s preferred audience, the credulous rubes desperate for someone to tell them how to live as well as to tell them that their lives have meaning and purpose. His review in the Claremont Review of Books was so mistaken , it makes me question his judgement, unless he was simply channelling Norm Macdonald’s deadpan delivery by taking something so unserious seriously.

The second reason was that someone suggested I read it so I could at least understand what was swirling around the edges of the rightwing septic system that passes for thinking these days. In that sense, I am glad I did read it as it confirms the thesis that the right wing grift machinery exists to exploit the sucker who is born every minute.

On the surface, the book’s title appears to be either an homage, or a satire on, the book called The Gorilla Mindset. A book that I have neither read nor has anyone ever recommended it as worthy of interest for it lacks any insight or writing that is worthy of any time or money. In his review of the Bronze Age Mindset, Mike Cernovich makes the weird point that he thought the Bronze Age Pervert was hitting on him (why do we need to know this or that Curtis Yarvin is better looking person than he is on his Wikipedia page?)

There is a story that claims the Bronze Age Mindset was found in a safe box in Kowloon, which clearly borrows from the nonsense of the Celestine Prophecy. In reading Bronze Age Mindset, I kept being reminded of the pseudo science presented in the Chariots of the Gods. Any self-respecting author would have kept this “book” locked up instead of inflicting it on readers given how poorly written it is and therefore how poorly thought through it is.

The book is poorly written, some suggest this is intentional, which is demonstrated or confirmed by the author attempting to write…